Ewe Lamb Right Farm strives to raise wholesome & healthy Katahdin hair sheep & lambs.   Mostly grass and forage fed.  Our sires are Katahdins with NSIP EBVs.  Our commercial and registered flocks consist of Katahdin hair sheep, all registered with NSIP. We measure prolificacy, weight gain and parasite resistance. We lamb throughout the year, optimizing our resources.  We graze our fields and make our own hay.  It is a  priveledge to be a farmer, and we work hard on the stewardship of our land.
Lambs / Sheep for Sale
Hay for Sale... Sometimes
Fun on the Farm

Good ol' Red Fred, our MF65 from way back

We bottle feed when things don't go as planned.  Everyone helps out.

May 18, 2019 we are hosting K-Day; a field day with educational sessions about Katahdin Hair Sheep, including Hair Coat Inspection Training.  3 farms - Glenbrook, LC Ranch & ELR, will be sponsoring the event, with support by KHSI & NSIP.  

Visitors Welcome